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Get ready for an amazing trip to discover one of the most iconic civilisation the world has ever seen: the ancient Egyptians.

Temple of Luxor by Genesis Gaming takes its name from a famous religious complex in Southern Egypt that is still an active archaeological site today.

The mysteries of the ancient Egyptian people has inspired slot game developers many times before, but Temple of Luxor brings in quite a few original elements into the mix so do not dismiss this game just yet. Read our complete review of Temple of Luxor to unveil the mystery and put all chances on your side to reap the treasure hidden beneath the sand.

Temple of Luxor takes players all the way to Egypt, centuries after the legendary civilisation vanished.

The game screen prominently features the ruins of a temple with several pyramids in the distance.

The tall columns are still quite impressive, even after so much time has passed and the desert has come and swallowed most of the complex.

With its transparent reels and dynamic sound effects, Temple of Luxor manages to put players in the shoes of an archaeologist on the search for hidden treasures.

And you will not be able to wait much longer before you get started.

Temple of Luxor features a quite original setup that makes the game stand out from the many other Egypt-inspired creations out there on the market.

Players will notice the ten spinning reels right away, which is basically twice as many as in a standard, modern video slot game.

Each reel displays four symbols, and you can split the screen into two even areas.

Reels 1 to 5 pay from left to right, while reels 7 to 10 pay from right to left.